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I am moving this site over to If you like the posts that you see here, please check out this new site, where information will be kept up to date.


RRAHC Photography

The River Regions Arts and Humanities Council has asked for the Interactive Media teammembers of the Satellite Center to supply them with photography for an upcoming fundraiser. They have asked us to provide them with pictures themed around Route 61, a historic Highway which passes through St. Charles, St. James, and St. John parishes. We will be providing them with photography portraying historic landmarks with a vintage style. These pictures will be sold at the fundraising event and all procedes will be used by the RRAHC to provide support for the arts throughout these parishes.


Mr. Dr. Chan – On the Origins of Chan from Austin Webre on Vimeo.

This animation was the work of myself and Tyler Archuleta, a Digital Media teammember at the Satellite Center. We worked on this animation for 2 months with the purpose of entering it into the Satellite Center Video and Animation Festival. It was entered and was one of four animations nominated for best animated short.

What I Should Have Done

Ages to Ages is a three piece rock group that I am in. We recorded this song as a demo to use for promotion and to give people a taste of our music. This song was recorded using one microphone, a metranome, and lots of overdubbing. That being said, I recorded, mixed, and mastered this song with the help of my bandmates. The album can be found at

Homeplace EP

The Homeplace EP was released on January 18, 2014 on and can be found at This four song record contains music written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by myself, but this project could not have been completed without the help of Mr. Tony Corley. As the owner of Proclamation Audio Productions, he was able to offer me equipment and guidance in recording that I needed to make this album what it is.



Capturing St. Charles Parish

As a part of the Satellite Center’s Interactive Media team, I took pictures for the St. Charles Parish Government. These pictures were taken to be used in PR, press releases, and social media use. The only real goal in taking these pictures was to canvas the parish and get unique and captivating pictures that describe the story of the parish.

Press Play Productions is a mock production company run by the Advanced TV Broadcasting teammembers at the Satellite Center in partnership with the TV Broadcasting students at Destrehahn and Hahnville High Schools. The Advanced TV Broadcasting facilitator, Albert Dupont, came to the Interactive Media teammembers of the Satellite Center with the request for a new look and new plan for the sites use. He stressed to us the importance of a focus on the students’ work and professionalism as well as the need for an easy web experience both for the user and those who would be updating the site. With our task set before us, we began planning and developing the site. My roles in the development of this site included the navigation, homepage look, and creation of web graphics. In addition to these roles, I helped and recieved help from my teammembers as we worked together to develop and implement a vision for the website. Our initial vision, however, fell much short of its goal. In being reviewed by members of the Digital Media teammembers, it was deemed unfriendly for users and lacking in its visual design. Luckily, we still had two days before we were to turn over the finished product to our client.

With the knowlege that our design needed a complete over haul, we made the decision to switch over the website’s theme. With this done, I spent several hours afterschool with a fellow teammember tweaking the new design and doing quality control checks of all aspects of the site. Through the hardwork of our team, we were able to complete the redesign in two days and handed the website over to our client. It can be found at